Representative Example:
Total Amount of Credit: $300
Duration of the Agreement: 30 days
Total Amount Repayable: $372
Representative APR 1223.6%(Variable)

Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy statement on this page provides a detailed account as to how collect and accesses your personal data, when you do intend to access our site and use its services. We at are indeed serious about protecting your privacy. If you do not want to share the data, then it is best not to make use of the site.

By sharing your personal information on our website or with the intention to make use of the services, then you are indeed giving consent to the transfer of your personal data for our own use and to share the same with our third party affiliates.

You are hereby informed that you are free to browse the site and for the same, you are not required to share your personal data. The primary goal is to collect your personal data, so as to provide you with appropriate loan deals that in a way assist you to overcome the crisis that you are in. it is with the help of your personal information that we get a chance to understand your needs and this indeed helps us to enrich your experience, while browsing through us.

By and large, the personal data is utilized to process and verify your loan application along with your identity and credit standing. BY going through this information, we do get a chance to evaluate your prevailing conditions and check your employment details as well to reach out with the promotion of new products and services.

We do maintain a track of your data, even after you have stopped visiting us. Even if you do ask to dispose of the details, we will keep the same, as it does assist us to understand your preferences. No doubt, the data stored will be disposed off at any appropriate time and it is done so in a manner that it can never be retrieved.

At any given time, we do own the right to change the privacy policy and in this regard, we will do notify it in the website. To learn more about any changes, please do visit this page on a regular basis.